Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm still here..

Belated Happy Hearts day everyone! Well, it's been a while... I have been busy with school and other activities not to mention following the Bachelor, Survivor, Winter Olympics and catching up with American Idol.
This was a pretty tough week, I have midterm exams plus a terrible backache. This morning I had this conversation with my daughter:

Elyse: Mommy, please "arga"! (arga or karga from our bedroom going downstairs)
Me : Sorry, i can't. My back is still not ok.
Elyse: your back still ouch Mommy?
Me: Yeah...
Elyse: you should go to doctor Mom, the doctor will check you! ok, mom?
Me: you're right, i should go to the doctor.
Elyse: yes mom.. don't worry, your back will be fine.

She's really thoughtful. It melts my heart to hear those concerns from the smallest person in the house. :)

Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She's clever!

Her never ending please and unstoppable kiss will make her dad pause from whatever he is doing and listen to "any" of her wishes. Last night she did absolutely the same thing. We were at the family room watching tv when daddy was asked to get this pooh puzzle from her room. On the other hand, dad immediately went upstairs to get "her" stuffs. We caught ourselves laughing due to her cleverness! She really knows how to control her dad.

Daddy was laughing but at the same time felt weird because at 3 years old, Elyse can manipulate him according to her liking. She is smart but I’m anxious.