Friday, September 7, 2007

early bird..

it's half past one here in casa and still couldn't sleep...
nwei, just want to post this lo i made a while ago. happy weekend! ;)

credits: lindsay jane for frame, paper mix for paper, ksharonk for circle embellishment, chaos lounge for swirls, dranet for wordart

first try..

elyse is still napping so i'm allowed to stay in my computer. hehe.. i did this lo as fast as i could, with the help of mrs. wresh for her template. by the way it is my first try to use a template. :D just for fun and for a change..

credits: barbara isi for papers, lindsay jane for stars, gina miller for alpha and mrs. wresh for the template.

a beautiful day!!!

"everything happens for a reason." oftentimes we proved it, right? last night, elyse did sleep soundly.. she had few coughs but doesn't affect her sleep. thank God for hearing my prayers! He is really good!
today, we we're surprised to received such a good news. the canadian embassy finally asked our passports for visa issuance!!! yey!! finally!!!! we we're chosen to become immigrants and hopefully.. looking forward to have a good life in canada.
we've planned it a long time ago.. since me and fred we're still in a bf/gf relationship. we always thought that it is for the future of our children and our families. thank God! especially now that we have elyse..
"God has something for us, sometimes it will just happen unexpectedly." we didn't planned to visit philippines this september , our next visit is set on april or may next year, but this coming tuesday, we booked our flight back home! :) yes, booked already! i'm really excited!.. soo excited! because i guess i need to accomplish a lot of things. including shopping?? hahaha but hey, those are necessities.. hmmm... important things mostly for elyse.. plus she can get her immunization updated!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

what a night!

elyse has been throwing up last night.. that made us feel sooo tensed again. the last time she got sick was when she was 7months old.. it was the first time we arrived here in casa. she was teething that time which caused her fever. for parents, it is such a pity to see your child suffering from anything... those who is not a mother or father yet might not understand how it feels. but for me, it's another heartbreaking situation.
we felt that we're in a middle of nowhere.. we're in the alien land with alien people around us.. :(
in spite of this, i believe it is a test to us.. to be strong as we can be. forget to panic and focus on the issue. i'm praying that tonight she will sleep soundly.. i hope she will not suffer from "coughing" again. i just read from the book that her cough is similar to "croup". i hope it will not cause any complication. i hope and pray elyse will get better soon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


our house might contained some kind of virus.. first i had colds and cough, then elyse and now fred. is it because of the cashew nuts? i suspected that it was the major cause of my sore throat which eventually lead to colds and now... an ear breaking cough. i wish! i wish! elyse would'nt get sick because of me.. ohh now, it's us! fred is feeling bad this morning... saying he had sore throat!!! and he think he'll get sick.. ohhh no! :( i can hear elyse is coughing too!!! i just hope she gets better asap!

my lo's;

credits: AA_Wish kit for papers, wordart, border, overlay, melothria stapled star alpha, lena's stitch,lindsay jane stars

credits: kalanice botanique paper and flower, tk staplebeads, anita for journaling, karla's swirl

Monday, September 3, 2007

not-so-fave day..

if i'm still working in the office, i would probably say that monday is my not-so-favorite-day.. it is because i will have to wake up early and prepare myself going to the office. but since i became a sahm, nothing is really different from monday to sunday. even on weekends, if i still want to get up from bed at 9am, i can't!!! why? elyse is already up at 7am.. she will sit down or stand up and look for her shoes and start saying "okkk" or walk. anyway, my body clock is also set at 7am.