Friday, August 31, 2007

fifteenth month!

it's friday once again! we celebrate every friday because it only means we will be sticking together for two days.. ;) lately, i observed that elyse is getting closer to her dad.. everytime our phone or doorbell rings (even if it is just a similar sound!) she will consistently say "dadi!", if you can just see the glow in her eyes... she is really happier when her dadi is around. she can already pronounce "dadi" correctly, unlike before she is calling fred "dandi or didi".
one more thing.. she is always calling her dad's attention. whenever fred is on his computer, she will go to the side of the bed and make "papansin", of course fred will look at her coz we're afraid she will "toink toink" (fall!). as soon as she succeeded by calling her dad's attention.. she will laugh ala "elmo" (ha_ha-ha!). yeah, she's immitating elmos laugh. she's super "kulit" but most of the time, funny! maybe she got his dad's sense of humor?!.
elyse is also very experimental nowadays, sooo eager to know everything.. soo anxious to discover and try out something. she's also exploring every corner of our house.. as if she is an inspector or something like that. so, don't be surprised to see our chairs in different areas of the house, it only means i'm avoiding elyse to roam around that area. i'm just calling it "danger zone".

credits: ad_country birdhouse paper, vlim for the cardboard cluster, designer alfenner for the frame, tara dunstan for the alpha

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

roller coaster

i'm not feeling good these past few days.. i had sore throat the other day.. now i'm suffering from colds and cough. i already took some medication.. i just hope it would go away as soon as i expected.
anyway i try to sleep early everyday since i had this not-so-good feeling, but last night i really couldn't sleep so, i just made this lo courtesy of royal garden kit of amelie. thanks so much for your wonderful kit.
elyse is 15months already! ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

another weekend has gone

saturday, we went to the seaside and had our breakfast at feri's gourmet.. after that, we went back home and took a shower before going to mcdonald's for lunch. yep, break from "lutong bahay"... hehe.. elyse and i are staying inside our house from monday to friday that is why we're trying to be out in the sun during weekends! we ordered big tasty burger, fries and chicken mcnuggets.. yummy! ;) we didn't forgot to drop by at our favorite boutique "zara" to check out what's new and on sale! we also had our weekend grocery at acima. as usual, elyse wanted to "ok"! if she wants to walk she will either say "ok" or "eeshhh" for shoes!
today, we stayed at home but late this afternoon we had our dinner at tex mex with jolly. we ordered our favorite crispy chicken wings, fries and sandwich.
we also bought some stuffs which we forgot to buy yesterday.
lindsay jane for the ribbon and button, cturnbull flower, zazou tag, su-folded paper, ecke and kreuz

Saturday, August 25, 2007

looks like a model!

i caught her different expressions while watching her favorite sesame street. she is soooo adorable!
here are some of my favorite shots!

credits: helena monteiro for label, flower and staplemikkel paige alpha, ksharonkdesign for the journal

Friday, August 24, 2007

my greatest joy!

a child is a joy to every family.. yes! that is right.. even if i have a gloomy day.. watching elyse play and speak to me like a grown up make me feel so blessed.. so happy..
yesterday, she is just walking around the house.. as she usually do since she learned how to walk independently. i was in our room working on something in my computer, whilst elyse was walking to and from the room and sala at the same time watching elmo /sesame street. "mo" as she calls it.. currently her favorite! she is now ignoring her "used-to-be-favorite" barney.
through the music, i can tell that the cd she's watching is about to finish.. i'm waiting for her reaction.. will she cry or call mimi? surprisingly, i heard her steps approaching our room.. before that, i think she was looking at me in the kitchen and the other room.. when she were in the hallway of our room, with her "paawa" face.. she said, "na na!" meaning finish na.. and when i stood up she led the way to the sala and kept murmuring "mo"! i was amazed how she grew up soo fast. in a span of months.. she's doing and saying a lot of things already! actually she's immitating every word we're saying..
last tuesday, we had lunch at milasia.. asian restaurant here ni casa, with our good friend jolly. i took some pictures which i'll post here later. i like their wall, coz some pics turned out like a studio shot! :D
i made another lo with my favorite shot.
credits: Manuela Zimmermann paper, Hillbilly for half circle board paper also recolored, gina maria antique photo frame, natali stitching,srappy cat rubber band, ilona havenaar flower,cafe digi journal paper

Thursday, August 23, 2007

pictures and lo's

angel lo
bren boone paper, Acm designs overlay, HillBilly for the wings, chrome star overlay

green lo
bren boone for the paper, AA_Wish freebie _ embellishments, overlay, valgouveia kitgrazi staple element, schild tagchill brush frame, black jello alpha

it's been a while

i have been spending time with my family these past few days. it's holiday here in morocco last monday and tuesday.. nothing much about that.. we don't want to remember that part of our life! haha

anyway, i didn't forgot to made lo's.. of course all of them was pictures of elyse. i found a website about photoshop actions and it was sooo cool!

well well.. in our life, we want to enjoy life, right? who wouldn't want to be happy? but some people just want to pull you down? ain't want a peaceful life?

it is just me.. when i have a problem.. i will not let that problem affect me. weird? some people are not.. it merely shows that every person has different personalities.
in spite of that.. we should learn to accept people's differences. i guess that's more important.

credits: fernlili for stringholder, SVDesigns for the label, Mel Johnson for the paper, scrapkut for staple, valgouveia kitgrazi for the tag, lilaspot for the splatter

Thursday, August 16, 2007

it's friday!

some latest pictures of elyse while she was playing
or just simply looking at the camera. nothing new today, i still need to do a lot of things.. but it can wait til tomorrow. hehe

we're just saddened by the news that it's flooded once again in manila. there's a typhoon coming and they are experiencing heavy rains at the moment. we just hope and pray that everybody will be safe.

i want to make lo's today as i'm still inspired.. and the ideas are still there. coz when it's gone.. it's gone.

bren taylor -boone for the paper
jo for the stitches
leia and terrells for the embellishments

at last....

i feel good today, though tired.. but i still have time to blog! it's 11:30 am already but i finished cooking our meal for this lunch. nilagang beef.. plus, i already washed our dirty clothes and hanged them outside, done with cleaning the house and put elyse to nap. she's very cooperative today.. (bravo!) this morning, she didn't bothered me while i was in front of the computer.. with her shoes on, she took everything out from our drawer.. yes, it's quite a mess.. but at least she's learning to play on her own. after playing, she asked for "mamam".. i let her choose which mamam she wants.. is it the milk or water? she responded.. "this".. pointing at the bottle of her milk. with strawberry shortcake music as our background, she fell asleep! yuhoooooooo...
the reason why i also finished my pending household chores this early.

credit: carrie bombria for the frame

ohh by the way, last night i finished this lo. here it is..

have a great day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i'm being lazy

it's been 2 days since i last posted here and at the same time designed lo's for our pics. lately, i'm not motivated to think of any design or new ideas for my lo's.
blame it to? yaya? she asked for a week vacation.. she will be gone to agadir with her family and will be back on the 20th. that only means, i'll be pre-occupied this week. being a hands on mom and wife, i need to clean our house, cook, take care of elyse.. in short.. i need to prepare everything we need for everyday! plus prepare for our upcoming trip. (if God permits)..

last weekend, we went to medina.. it is a public market where you can find everything. from sponge bath to jewelries. i'm thankful to find this sponge bath i was looking for decades here in morocco. i don't know why they don't have this on their big shopping markets.
i find medina child friendly.. compared to other public markets here where i will have second thoughts bringing elyse with me. but in medina, it's clean and i can even bring her stroller! the hallways are quite spacey.

august 14 is holiday here.. i don't know why. hehe..

Saturday, August 11, 2007

i'm learning!

internet is very helpful especially for a sahm like me. i'm learning a lot thru reading.. i still want to learn more if time permits. but to learn small things or mababaw things that for me is surely enjoyable. i remembered that , "those simple things can truly make us happy". being contented for what we are and what we have is the secret of long lasting happiness.

simplicity and innocence of a child is one example. sometimes, i would want to be child again..knowing they had those characteristics. here's what i got. i just want to share my little girl's pencil portrait.. so simple and innocent..

i also made this lo last night. i got inspired to do something different from the usual things im doing. i don't know if i made it really "different".. sometimes it's difficult to get away from what we are used to. right?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

menu for the day

it is my first try to cook menudo / pork stew, instead of pork i used beef, i guess this is a rare case! a beef menudo? nah!.. well, according to my husband it tasted good. for me not good enough. in addition to that, i was in a hurry to prepare the dish.. my baby cute is not cooperating and saying "no no" for napping. she want me beside her, calling "mimi" all the time and while cooking.. "kiking" as she pronounced it.. she is riding on her vroom and watching me. seems like i have my manager watching over my shoulder.. always looking and calling my attention. not just that.. she constantly asked "mamam" / water! my patience was tested once again.. or i should say? every now and then.. hayyy.. kids!

how can i still have time for blogging? where is elyse? at last...she's napping! before that, she refused to drink her milk and play instead. she loved to watch her favorite barney all over again and again and again.. and wait till the "tize" part, the baby saying "it's just the right size!".. she knows all the barney songs and sing along with them while watching..

ohh i told her i will put a clip on her hair.. she immediately responded " no no!".. i don't know why she really don't want anybody or anything touch her hair.

here's an lo i made last night..

credits: miss vivi for papers and elements, littlekeid for the frame, tape label for pillowgirl, seebee for the journal

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my ride

I made this lo last night. Right now, Elyse had 3 strollers already, but she is most comfortable with her maclaren. She's calling her maclaren, vroom vroom. :D

credits: heleina for the elements, anita for the alpha, littlekeid for the frame, angela for the pin and joanne for the paper

almost ready!

we are trying our luck to secure a schengen visa and hopefully tour around europe this august. morocco will have a long holiday this august, one of the reasons why we want to spend some time out of the country. our interview with german embassy will be this coming thursday! actually, i don't feel anything right now, i'm not nervous nor excited.. an exemption to our interview with canadian embassy last year, from the day i heard about the interview my heart is restless! really! i'm just so nervous..

by the way, last weekend.. we had a "pictorial" at hassan II mosque here in casablanca, the place is just 10-15 mins away from our house. with our now, health concious friend lino, who used to walk from his place to our place.. around 30 mins - 45 mins away? for the sake of loosing weight and health! well, good for him.. how i wish i have the same determination.. hehe
we are on "pambahay get-up" and it was early as 8am and got home at 12noon.
elyse enjoyed walking and meeting new "friends", which she fondly called "baby". we immediately planned to bring her every weekend there so she can enjoy and master her walking skills.

i'll be posting our pics here later. ;)

here are some of our pics...