Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow and headache

Here's the result of non-stop snowing yesterday. It is a total nightmare for commuters, the slippery and wet road conditions. I just let my daughter stay in the house today since our car is still out there full of snow! My husband is not patient enough to wake up early and remove the snow so, I just did it a while ago and caused me headache. At least i removed some, but it will take more time to remove those frozen ice.

Elyse was also out there with me making snow balls, and playing with her shovel. Now she fell asleep in the couch and snoring, I guess she had a tough day. Walking in the snow can also make me feel so tired. And also because i was out there for about an hour not remembering that the temperature today is -10, it makes me feel worse.

Anyway, it's time to cook for dinner. Good day to all! Ciao!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What I Like?

While looking inside the fridge or going to a toy store she would always say "What i like?". Kids are just smart! This afternoon when i picked her up at the daycare and we were on our way home, she just remembered her plush puppy. Accidentally she left it in the daycare. It is not allowed to bring any toy in the daycare but with the absence of any of her favorite toy, she would throw tantrums the whole day. So, her teacher allowed her to bring one but would then be placed in a box while in the school. She can only get them when it's time to go home.
So to make her stop from crying, i just said "Ok, we will buy another puppy at Maxi." After 10-15 minutes travel and we we're just into our doorway, she immediately told me "Mommy, we will buy puppy at Maxi!". I can't believe it, she remembers! Before going inside Maxi, i asked her to promise me that she will be a good girl, no more crying and should eat a lot to become as pretty as her favorite princess. And she said " ok, promise!"

And when we got home, I told her that it's time to eat her favorite pasta. She love carbonara over spaghetti with red sauce. She just said, "I like pasta with yellow sauce!" She only meant, carbonara! By the way, it's her picture with princess accessories and her favorite plush puppy. While she's playing now, she just said "Ohh my goodness!" :) Yeah.. Ohh my goodness! She really knows what she likes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Princess!

Yesterday, teacher Sabina mentioned that this Monday (December 8), Santa Claus will visit the children in school. I just said, "It's too early!". And she said, "Yeah, it's a little bit early this year, they will have their Christmas party in the school! So, now I don't have a choice but to look for a dress that will suit their Christmas party theme. Teacher Sabina said "Anything red!". Good thing is I still have those red dress from Ate Sylvia. She was a good friend in Morocco. While I was talking to the "little girl", I was surprised when she said "I want the princess dress, mommy!". And even last night, after bathing her she kept on looking where was her princess dress and wanted to wear it right away. I just said, "Not tonight! but on Monday, baby!". She is just fascinated with princess and fairies now, the effect of Disney's Cinderella, Snow White and Tinker Bell. Like when our friend gave her a set of princess accessories, I was thinking of sending it to the Philippines for my niece. I never thought that Elyse would wear those, she just know how to put the tiara, ring, necklace and asked me to put her earrings on. Suddenly, I just realized that she's starting to act like a lady! And then she's calling herself Princess Elyse, with magic wand on her hand she would say "abra kadabra"!
And since she cannot wear her princess costume on the school's Christmas party, I will get her a princess-like dress that she's going to wear on Christmas. This dress from GAP and The Children's place caught my attention. I'm gonna check it in the store this weekend. I hope that they still have her size or at least i have other options. Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas is almost here!

We were in this year's celebration of Santa Claus Parade. With a lot of spectators mostly children, we were among those along Ste. Catherine street and Eaton Center. It was a joyous occasion, in spite of freezing wind and snowy atmosphere we were able to enjoy the celebration. Some music made us shed some tears while remembering and missing our family back home.

On the other hand, Elyse is curiously looking at the floats and mascots but refused to touch them. She specifically love the fairies, as she is currently hooked with Tinker bell. Here are some snap shots:Hope all of us will be productive this December. Share the love to everyone .. smile and have fun! Take care.