Thursday, July 31, 2008

LP # 18 Dalampasigan

Maligayang Huwebes sa lahat! Malapit na naman ang Sabado at siguradong babalikan namin ang lugar na ito dahil meron kaming mga kaibigang ipapasyal. Ito ang Old port dito sa Montreal. Magandang pasyalan at puntahan ng mga taong mahilig manood ng iba't ibang palabas. Meron ditong park kung saan pwedeng mag-picnic, magbasa ng libro or kahit mag-sun bathing. Ang kanilang science center ay libangan naman ng mga taong mahilig sa imax. Pwede mo rin ikutin ang lugar sa pamamagitan ng pagsakay sa tricycle or kalesa. Dito rin makikita ang mga taong mahilig magpakita ng kanilang talento. Isang street dito ay puno ng mga taong kumakain ng apoy, tumutugtog ng piano, violin, guitar at kung ano ano pa. Meron din mga kumakanta, sumasayaw, clowns na nagpapatawa at mga estatwang gumagalaw kapag binigyan mo ng pera. Sa paligid nito ay punong puno din ng mga restaurant. Dito sa dalampasigan na ito may mga cruise na dumadaong at nagsisilbing sakayan ng mga taong gustong makita ang Montreal sa pamamagitan ng St. Lawrence river.
(Para sa mas malaking larawan, paki-click na lang ang image)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I feel better!

I'm feeling so much better now. My appointment with CLSC was this afternoon and my ear treatment took only 15 minutes. I'm relieved when the nurse told me that I don't need to come back for another treatment. My hearing is back to normal or should i say it's even better.

Last Sunday, we had a very memorable day with our friends at Granby Zoo. It is such a great place to visit with family and friends. It's not just a zoo but has other attractions like the water park, they have lazy river, water games, children's pool which my daughter enjoyed a lot and their wave pool is said to be the largest in Quebec. Even if you're in the zoo, you can still enjoy the roller coaster ride, monorail, merry-go-round, bump cars and train at the rides park. For younger visitors, they can play at the ball in the jungle camp. Here are some pictures of Elyse while enjoying the water:

This Saturday our friend and his family from Toronto will visit us, so i have to prepare our itinerary for the weekend. It will be another busy weekend but I'm sure we will have fun. Happy Wednesday to all.

I'm back!

It's been a while since I updated this blog. I have been busy with my other blog and i just realized that i have this blog so from now on, I'll be maintaining my two blogs.

Last Sunday, we visited the Granby Zoo here in Quebec. It's an hour drive from our place in Brossard. It's not just a zoo but has lots to offer like the rides park (bump cars, roller coaster, train), water park(their wave pool is largest in Quebec, lazy river, children's pool, water games) and camping sites. For younger visitors they have ball in the jungle camp. The place is really nice! Like us, I'm sure every family will enjoy their stay at Granby. Here are some photos:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Snapshot at Granby Zoo

With our friends and their families, we visited the Granby Zoo yesterday. Elyse had fun seeing her favorite animals like these flamingos. Like us, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday to all!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another weekend with my little girl

It's Saturday once again! I have been busy all day with the household chores and at the same time changing my header, the colors and some details here, notice the changes? I feel more comfortable with the overall look of my site now, I think it's refreshing than the previous one. Actually, I want to do more.. I want to change the template but i can't find a better one. Well, choices are limited here and it will really take time to change everything. For now, i leave it that way.

Lately, my little girl is being more "madaldal" and hyperactive than usual. She just can't keep quiet or stay in one place. Whatever she's doing, it is always accompanied by singing, hopping or running. Sometimes even on her sleep she's talking! It's her habit to open the fridge and ask herself "what i want?", then ask herself to choose, "apple? orange?" she will think for a while and answer her question too, "orange, yes!". Right after getting what she want, she will automatically say "thank you, mommy! thanks!" She definitely knows how to make me smile and give-in to her never-ending please!

Happy weekend! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LP # 17 Sa gawing Kanluran

Ito ang aking mag-ama habang naglalaro isang hapon na papalubog ang araw. Sinama ko na sila para maiba. :) Medyo matagal ko na rin kuha itong larawang ito, mga isang taon na rin ang nakakaraan. Di po ba ang araw ay lumulubog sa kanluran?

Maligayang araw ng Huwebes sa lahat!

Getting better

We just arrived from CLSC and was given instructions to put some olive oil in my ears, twice a day for 7 days and was asked to come back on Tuesday for another ear treatment. Everything seems fine, the doctor said that they will clean my ears and then we will see if my hearing will improve or not.
After the check-up, we headed directly to the Chinese store in Terminus Panama and brought home some Filipino made goods. Our week wouldn't be complete without Baguio's tocino and longganisa (we prefer those made in Baguio than in Pampanga) and Pangasinan's bangus (milk fish).
Lately the weather is nice, it's windy but sunny. The cold breeze of the air makes me feel relaxed even for long walks. I'll probably do some walking again with my daughter and husband later. Have a good day to all!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008




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At home with Ikea

Last Monday, we visited the Brault & Martineau showroom nearby our place and finally decided to get a new bed for Elyse's room. We wanted a queen size bed instead of a baby bed for her. Although she is not yet sleeping there alone and always want to be beside me, we want her to conquer her fear and hoping that soon she will become an independent sleeper. So now we are reserving the room for our friends and relatives who want to sleep over. To make the story short, we ordered the bed frame, cover and mattress. They promised to deliver the items last Friday but sadly, I was waiting all day but no delivery was made. Around 3pm when I called their office and asked them what was wrong with the delivery. They said that the bed frame will not be available until August. So my husband who was pissed off by their service visited their store that same day and canceled our orders.
It was after the Little gym class of Elyse last Saturday, when we decided to visit Ikea. We had our lunch at the food court inside Ikea and ordered roasted chicken and french fries with cheese and mushroom sauce topping. I really love it, it's mouth watering! Their roasted chicken is similar to those of St. Hubert's.
We got this Malm black-brown bed frame and Sultan mattress, and was delivered to our place the next day. Elyse didn't left the store empty-handed, she got the Klappar Igelkott pull-along toy while I also got a Korall fisk storage basket for her toys.
Going to Ikea is my relaxation and getting all the stuffs we need
is more fun and exciting. See you around!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bon Giorno!

For my friends and blog mates, good Monday morning! I want to share this hot chocolate from Bon Giorno. Have a great week ahead.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Healthy way to loose weight

It's been two years since I gave birth to Elyse and until now I have been struggling to loose weight. Being a full-time mother and wife, I don't have time to exercise and too lazy to watch my diet. Since then, I have good relationship with chocolates, ice cream and colas. I totally forgot the feeling of being light and healthy. For some instance my health and body is suffering from different kinds of abuse. Unable to watch my diet is a health and body abuse for me.

On the other hand, my husband never had a problem shedding his excess pounds. He is just impatient to go on a diet or to lift some weights but given the chance, he can do it in just a week. Having a good metabolism is really an advantage.

Being in this situation, I have been lurking around and searching the net for the safest and top diet pills that will suit my needs. Learning about the top diet pills in the market today, I'm planning to try the best but still having second thoughts. I'm afraid of the possible side effects and always want to try the safest way to get my desired weight. What do you think?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet my telephone operator

I can conveniently wash our dishes or do other household chores without getting bothered who will answer the phone. My little girl is my phone operator, every time the phone rings she will stop whatever she's doing, ran to get the phone, press the talk button and say "hellooo!." Most of the time it's her daddy on the other line, so she will talk to her daddy like a grown up and respond to every question asked to her. When i tried to asked her who was on the other line, she said "It's daddy!." And then she started telling her daddy what's she's doing like making a castle, color color or watching tv. How time flies! For me, she's still a little girl, but every time she talked to me, do some new tricks, making me laugh, telling stories.. I can't accept the fact that she's growing up so fast! Ohh well...
Just a white background for cleaner and simple design. Now, i want to share this lo i made a while ago. Happy weekend to all! Enjoy!
credits: dcorbitt flower, red, blue and sequins ribbon, claudi ribbons (recolored), fa tag and sheet, lleila stamp, jasmin olya stitch

Health issues

I'm suffering from different health problems right now. Two weeks ago, i accidentally slipped in our bath tub and my ribs was fractured. Until now, i can still feel the pain.. I cannot bend down when i want to reach something or i cannot breath deeper because it really hurts. It is more painful when I'm lying in bed, i cannot sleep on my side because the pain is more intense.

A week ago, my left ear started not to hear clearly and i felt that there was something inside blocking my ear canal. Now, it's still there. I've tried to push my ear lobes inside to remove whatever pressure present inside, it will feel better for a while but after a few seconds it's back to the state of hearing some air pressure again or simply, i cannot hear clearly.

Thru searching the net, I'm becoming paranoid because some symptoms are similar to those life threatening diseases. I'm afraid to consult a doctor but I hope and pray everything is okay, I hope that this are just mild health problems and I have nothing to worry about. I want to feel better and finally decided to see a doctor on Monday. Wish me luck!

Enjoy a strong cup of coffee!

Thanks for this award MommyAllehs! As a coffee lover, I love this. I think, i need another cup of coffee right now.I would like to share this award to all my blogmates. Let's all sit down, blog about everything and sip a strong cup of coffee. Have fun! Enjoy the weekend ahead! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

LP # 16 Luntian (Green)

Ito ang mga tulips na nakuhanan ko nung spring, mahahaba at luntian ang kanyang mga stems diba? Maligayang araw ng huwebes sa lahat.

This was my shot last spring, the tulips with long and green stems. Happy Thursday to all!

MMR, Meningitis and more

This afternoon at around 3pm, Elyse had appointment at CLSC (centre local de services communautaires / local community service center) for her immunization. CLSC's are free clinics runned and maintained by the provincial government.

She got vaccinated twice today, her 1st shot of Meningitis and her 3rd of MMR. For her MMR, she was advised to repeat the 1st shot since it was given before her 1st birthday. According to the nurse, the MMR vaccine will not be effective if given before the 1st birthday. I'm a bit alarmed here since I'm not so sure if it's safe to have the MMR shot for 3 times? The nurse said, it's better to have 1 more, than 1 less in immunization. I searched thru the net and they said no one will get overdosed by MMR, so I guess the nurse knows what she's doing, right? :)
The best part of living here is that we can enjoy the free medical benefits which includes immunization! Soon we will receive our health card but I'm surprised that they didn't ask me to pay for her immunization. I really thought I have to pay first and reimburse later since we didn't have a health card yet.

About Elyse, she cried a bit on the 2nd shot which I guess is the MMR. After a minute she was running around the lobby again and playing with other kids while singing. We we're advised by the nurse to wait for another 15 minutes before we left so we can check if Elyse had reaction to the vaccine. Thank God, she seems fine and looked like nothing happened.

We passed by Zellers and saw some items on sale so before going home, Elyse got another ball again.. this time, with strawberry shortcake character. Hay.. the first who got her attention was thomas the train, then lightning mcqueen, then the backyardigans leap pad, dora's toy organizer and lastly the ball again! I just remember that we have a leap pad at home so now I will check the model if we can get those backyardigans filler. I also got throw pillows in light brown at 2 for $9.97, what a great deal! Hope you all have a great day! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let's visit UK!

I got a surprise call from my friend living in UK inviting us to attend her wedding on September. She is one of my closest friend since high school and one of my brides maid during my wedding. I'm still overwhelmed right now, I'm just so happy for her. Of course we will attend her wedding, at the same time we can tour around UK.

She told me that we should be in UK before September 8. Since then, I started browsing the net and found the Cheap Hotels in UK. They have the best rate and package, they also offer free use of hotel facilities like gym, swimming pool and internet. We will surely enjoy our stay there with free internet and breakfast. I can still update my blog, my husband can check his emails while in the hotel and Elyse can enjoy swimming on our spare time.

Another friend of mine is in London and we're planning to visit her too. We booked this hotel in London which offers affordable rates and good packages too. As we are fixing our itineraries, I can't wait to see London. I will make sure that we will not miss the London eye, Big Ben, London Bridge and the Buckingham palace which will be open for public on September!

My cousin who is in Edinburg will be happy to see us too. So, we decided to stay there for another 2 days. I got a wide selection of hotels in Edinburg from the net and we're looking forward to visit the tourist attractions there like the famous Edinburg castle.

My husband and I both admires old structures and nice architectures, so we are eager to see the Cathedral in Manchester and would like to spend another day there for a city tour. We immediately booked our Manchester hotel and now, we are just excited to pack our bags and finally enjoy our stay in UK. See you there!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rome on Weekend Snapshot

Good monday morning everyone! Here are some pictures from our trip to Rome, the Vatican and Fontana de Trevi. Happy ws!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

LP # 15 Balingkinitan

Hello! eto ang napili kong lahok sa linggong ito, ang parliament building sa Ottawa. Gusto ko sana may maipakita akong modelo na balingkinitan, kaya lang diko sila mahanap. :)

Hello! here's my entry for this week, the parliament building in Ottawa. I wish i had a sexy model to show off but sorry I can't find them. :)
By the way, Balingkinitan is the tagalog word for "slender or sexy".

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Gym and Friends

Our weekend has been busy since Saturday morning. At 8am i woke up and prepared our breakfast, at the same time we got ready for Elyse's little gym class. Just like on her first session she enjoyed the class, this time she learned how to roll, walk in the beam and do the tumbling. It amazed me when she got 2 balls and gave the other one to her classmate. Even the mother of her classmate was pleased when Elyse approached her daughter and gave the ball. Fred was outside but saw what his daughter did, so as soon as we finished the class.. he immediately hugged and kissed Elyse for a good deed. Job well done baby!

After the class, we rushed to Cote Vertu and DDO to visit my husband's old friend Arlene. Elyse and his son Andro had time to swim and play at their backyard. It was fun to watch them playing since they are at the same age. They can understand each other and was laughing together.

That same day, we joined our good friend Serge and his family in Pierrefonds to celebrate his son's 9th birthday. He is Kuya Eagan to Elyse, his nice playmate along with Ate Misha. We met some more Pinoys there, had a chat with them and learned a lot of stories and their experiences. Most of all, the food was great! I guess more pounds was added to my weight after that. :(

At last, I can finally post this.. It was Elyse's 2nd birthday celebration. It has been delayed for almost 2 months now. Sorry, I'm just super busy in the house so, I really don't have time to scrap. Have a good day everyone! :)

credits: love me by sarah doodles, kb frame, redju paper, choukette stitch and journal paper, awp tag and pink alpha, monika69 happy word,jasmin olya rope flower