Monday, September 29, 2008

Colorful, Artistic New Kit!

This colorful and beautiful kit is already available at Scrappindigikreations, Scrapable and Scrapladies, made by the artistic designer Lorie. You can also visit her page and grab this freebie.

Here are my lo's for this kit! Happy Monday everyone! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catch me! for Weekend Snapshot #56

When we've visited the Montreal Botanical Garden, this bird caught my attention. My daughter too was eager to catch this bird. She was running around and sadly, she was not successful! :) Have a great week ahead! Happy WS!

Officially Fall!

Leaves are starting to fall and their colors are just magnificent. It makes a total difference whilst the amazing maple leaves are changing its colors, it is really breathtaking!
The temperature is also going down, it's colder with a bit of rain showers in the morning or afternoon.
Saturday night, we've had diner with some Filipino friends and neighbors living here in Brossard. It is my first time to have a chit-chat with an Ilonggo and honestly he made me laugh! I don't have anything against Ilonggos huh? I know that Ilonggo's / Ilongga's are sweet and they speak a little differently from us Tagalogs, but the way he talk is really funny. I mean funny in the sense that even he's mad, he still sound sweet! For me, it's really cute! It's only then I realized that I had an Ilongga friend back in college. I just don't know where she is right now, but she is just a darling and a dear friend.
Ohh by the way, I believe that there is a huge difference between us Tagalogs and Ilonggos. For us, even if we are not mad, we sound mad and most people who really doesn't know us might have mis-interpretation about our tone.
Have a great week ahead dear friends and bloggers! Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You're Kreative!

Thank you sis Joanne for this award! :)

Now, it is my turn to give this award away according the following rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on his or her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

I would like to pass this award to the creative bloggers Abie, Eds, Emz, Lorie and Sheng.

Bedroom furniture

Last night when we were about to sleep, my 2 year old daughter asked me if we can sleep in the new room. "I want to sleep in the new room! new room!", that was her exact words. I was surprised because it was the first time she insisted to sleep in the new room. Ever since this BEDROOM FURNITURE arrived, I noticed this sudden change in her. At first she was afraid to stay there but now, she's spending most of her time jumping in the bed and playing with her favorite toys and playhouse in that room. I believe this PLATFORM BED is making her stay more fun.

Aside from the simple and elegant design of this BEDROOM FURNITURE, I'm not worried that she will fall down from the bed while sleeping or playing. This PLATFORM BEDS are not just designed for elegance but crafted for safety as well. As this is more important to me since I have a daughter who just love to turn our bedroom to a playhouse.

I'm glad that little by little, my daughter is enjoying her new BEDROOM FURNITURE most especially her PLATFORM BED. Sooner, she will be sleeping there alone without being afraid. I really can't believe she's growing up so fast. It's her second week in the daycare and she is not crying anymore. Also, she stopped calling herself "baby", she said she's a big girl now!

Monday, September 8, 2008

First day in the daycare

Yesterday morning, i have to wake her up at 8:00am since we have to be at the daycare before 9:00am. It's only 10 minutes away from our place but the preparation will take a lot of my time, so we have to be really early. At the daycare, their breakfast will be served at 9:00am then some exercise, following activities at the park and coloring / writing activities. But maybe the summer is really over, it's getting cold here so going out might not be that fun.

The hardest part was when i left her in the daycare, I said goodbye to her and she embraced me tight. She was playing when i left so she didn't noticed. I really don't want her to see me go so I left quietly. After that, I headed back home to clean-up and got finished before the 12:30 pick-up time. I was at the daycare while they were having lunch and Elyse didn't noticed me. I was asked by the teacher to wait outside the room then she accompanied Elyse, telling her "Look who's here! See, i told you.. your Mommy will come back." Yes, she cried.. about 10-15 minutes and every time she remembers me. But the teacher said that for the first day, she did very good. She also said that we will see if she will cry a lot tomorrow or she'll be better, if the latter, then on Wednesday she will start her whole day stay.

Elyse seems excited to tell me her stories, she said that she played outside in the broom broom / car. She said that she had vegetables and milk, but according to her teacher she didn't took her milk since it's in the cup. When i asked her if she like her school, she said yes! I told her that tomorrow we will come back again but she seems puzzled. Maybe she's thinking that I'll leave her again tomorrow.

Kids at play

Kids at play is here! Lorie's latest fun kit available at Scrapable, Scrapladies & Scrappindigikreations!

my lo's using this kit!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #53

Saturday, we we're able to grab some stuffs from Old Navy in Champlain mall. Sunday, we stayed in the house and took a walk to the park in the afternoon. It was windy and cold outside but Elyse still enjoyed her swing ride. Have a great week ahead!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I miss you!

Yesterday morning when she woke up and still in her bed, she just said "Daddy is in the office." Maybe she just realized that her Daddy already left for office while she was sleeping. So, I said "Yes, Daddy is in the office because?" and she replied "to buy milk for Elyse!". And as her morning routine, she didn't failed to say "Good morning Mommy.., "Good morning Austin.., Good morning Tasha.. " and so on. Around 7:00pm when Daddy arrived from the office and she rushed to him, embraced him tight and surprisingly, she said "I miss you Daddy!". We we're laughing with amusement! Having such a sweet little girl is indeed the most wonderful blessing. To hear those words melts my heart. Kids are truly amazing!

I have mixed emotions about Elyse going to the daycare. Yes, I'm lucky that I got a daycare for her but on the other hand, I can't hide my sadness for this milestone in her life. It's exciting for her but it is also her first step away from me. I'm afraid that she will learn to be independent, gain a lot of friends and discover new things. I can't deny the fact that she's growing up so fast, faster than I can imagine. Maybe I'm being too selfish but I'm just a mother. I will miss her mess, her voice, her tantrums.. everything. Although she continuously testing my patience, most of the time she's making me smile and laugh. She inspires me and makes me realize how wonderful life is.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home Furnishings and Warm comforters

From time to time, I'm fond of checking the net for the home furnishings available online. And since it's already September and winter season is just around the corner, I have to search for the best offer available on home furnishings like set of comforters. I'm still patiently searching and turning the pages of catalogs from different shopping malls around my area and compare their prices. I admit that i can't stand a chilly day, most of all the -40 degree Celsius. So how will i survive on winter season? Our heater will surely help but of course a nice set of comforter will make me feel warm and comfortable.

At the home furnishing section, I saw this huge collection of comforters on sale. I'm specifically looking for hypo-allergenic comforters since my daughter has allergies. I also like this reversible comforter with the price practically affordable in it's class. I just love the smoke/chocolate color, I'm sure it will change the ambiance of our room. It is also available in different colors and the best part of this, I can order this online so no hassle of going to the mall.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Newest Kit Preview

Watch out for this fun kit available soon! I just can't wait, It's really fun! Have a great day everyone.

Image Hosted by


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Prison Break is back!

Have you seen the Prison Break premiere last night? Wow!!!! Once again, it's a shocker! Did you know that Sara is back? Yes, she's alive! And that reunion between Sara and Michael gave me goosebumps! I missed them! This season looks like it's going to be a wild ride, surely my Monday evening will never be the same again..

But the first scene while Michael was writing a letter to unknown recipient, with his suit and tie, working in his office again makes me wonder what will happen this season.. It's going to kill me! :)

Until next Monday! Have a great week ahead!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Snapshot at the Botanical garden

Happy Monday to all! Here's my entry for the weekend snapshot.

We spent our Saturday at the Montreal Botanical garden. It was our first time to visit the place that was located just across the Olympic stadium. It was a huge garden and I guess we've visited only less than half of the total area. Next time, i'll make sure that we can visit the other areas too.