Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy Bee months!

October and November were the busiest month i had, in a while blogging has been totally out of my list. Now, I'm back and hopefully I can find time to do it religiously. Not to mention that December must be busier than the previous months. We have a lot of appointments here and there, for the family doctor, the US embassy, my theory driving exam and school registration for my prerequisites. Yes, hopefully I'll be accepted so I can pursue my studies here.

Last October was the Thanksgiving celebration here in Canada and we decided to visit Toronto. The first on our list is the Niagara falls then the CN Tower and for the kids, Nascar and Southbrook pumpkin patch. Though tiring, we all had a wonderful time in Toronto. And here' are the pics!

The Halloween month is almost over and Christmas songs can be heard everywhere. I love listening to Celtic Woman's (A Christmas Celebration) album. So, yeah.. I'm very sentimental these days.. missing my family back home. Plus the weather! It's getting really cold here... right now the wind chill is -11 degrees. It's freezing cold! I'm just thankful that houses here are well constructed, due to the bricks and good ventilation I'm not chilling inside the house.

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