Friday, November 28, 2008

Cute Blogger Award

Here are the rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and also to read your blog.

Now here are my ten Random facts about me:

1. I'm spending most of my time with the household chores, computer, Elyse and Fred.

2. Like Eds, I also love watching "Betty La Fea". It's very entertaining!

3. I'm in-charge of maintaining and updating our budget sheet every week.

4. I'm sending and picking up Elyse at the daycare everyday.

5. Our week is not complete without pasta in our menu.

6. I'm planning to go back to school next year.

7. I'll be studying french right after finishing my course.

I’m currently studying the theory for my driving exam on Monday.

9. I'm am OC kind of person.

10. I love taking pictures and digital scrapping.

Thank you sis Eds for this cute award!
Now, I'm passing this to:

1. Abie
2. Jeng
3. Chelle
4. Kerslyn
5. Jhoanne
6. Richelle
7. Eileen
8. Janis
9. Melisse
10. Yvette

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