Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow and headache

Here's the result of non-stop snowing yesterday. It is a total nightmare for commuters, the slippery and wet road conditions. I just let my daughter stay in the house today since our car is still out there full of snow! My husband is not patient enough to wake up early and remove the snow so, I just did it a while ago and caused me headache. At least i removed some, but it will take more time to remove those frozen ice.

Elyse was also out there with me making snow balls, and playing with her shovel. Now she fell asleep in the couch and snoring, I guess she had a tough day. Walking in the snow can also make me feel so tired. And also because i was out there for about an hour not remembering that the temperature today is -10, it makes me feel worse.

Anyway, it's time to cook for dinner. Good day to all! Ciao!

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