Thursday, December 4, 2008

What I Like?

While looking inside the fridge or going to a toy store she would always say "What i like?". Kids are just smart! This afternoon when i picked her up at the daycare and we were on our way home, she just remembered her plush puppy. Accidentally she left it in the daycare. It is not allowed to bring any toy in the daycare but with the absence of any of her favorite toy, she would throw tantrums the whole day. So, her teacher allowed her to bring one but would then be placed in a box while in the school. She can only get them when it's time to go home.
So to make her stop from crying, i just said "Ok, we will buy another puppy at Maxi." After 10-15 minutes travel and we we're just into our doorway, she immediately told me "Mommy, we will buy puppy at Maxi!". I can't believe it, she remembers! Before going inside Maxi, i asked her to promise me that she will be a good girl, no more crying and should eat a lot to become as pretty as her favorite princess. And she said " ok, promise!"

And when we got home, I told her that it's time to eat her favorite pasta. She love carbonara over spaghetti with red sauce. She just said, "I like pasta with yellow sauce!" She only meant, carbonara! By the way, it's her picture with princess accessories and her favorite plush puppy. While she's playing now, she just said "Ohh my goodness!" :) Yeah.. Ohh my goodness! She really knows what she likes.


Paz123 said...

I just love the toys shown here in this picture.

Lorie M Designs said...

Hi Yvelle...really love your shots!
I have an award for you