Thursday, September 6, 2007

what a night!

elyse has been throwing up last night.. that made us feel sooo tensed again. the last time she got sick was when she was 7months old.. it was the first time we arrived here in casa. she was teething that time which caused her fever. for parents, it is such a pity to see your child suffering from anything... those who is not a mother or father yet might not understand how it feels. but for me, it's another heartbreaking situation.
we felt that we're in a middle of nowhere.. we're in the alien land with alien people around us.. :(
in spite of this, i believe it is a test to us.. to be strong as we can be. forget to panic and focus on the issue. i'm praying that tonight she will sleep soundly.. i hope she will not suffer from "coughing" again. i just read from the book that her cough is similar to "croup". i hope it will not cause any complication. i hope and pray elyse will get better soon.

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