Wednesday, September 5, 2007


our house might contained some kind of virus.. first i had colds and cough, then elyse and now fred. is it because of the cashew nuts? i suspected that it was the major cause of my sore throat which eventually lead to colds and now... an ear breaking cough. i wish! i wish! elyse would'nt get sick because of me.. ohh now, it's us! fred is feeling bad this morning... saying he had sore throat!!! and he think he'll get sick.. ohhh no! :( i can hear elyse is coughing too!!! i just hope she gets better asap!

my lo's;

credits: AA_Wish kit for papers, wordart, border, overlay, melothria stapled star alpha, lena's stitch,lindsay jane stars

credits: kalanice botanique paper and flower, tk staplebeads, anita for journaling, karla's swirl

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