Friday, September 7, 2007

a beautiful day!!!

"everything happens for a reason." oftentimes we proved it, right? last night, elyse did sleep soundly.. she had few coughs but doesn't affect her sleep. thank God for hearing my prayers! He is really good!
today, we we're surprised to received such a good news. the canadian embassy finally asked our passports for visa issuance!!! yey!! finally!!!! we we're chosen to become immigrants and hopefully.. looking forward to have a good life in canada.
we've planned it a long time ago.. since me and fred we're still in a bf/gf relationship. we always thought that it is for the future of our children and our families. thank God! especially now that we have elyse..
"God has something for us, sometimes it will just happen unexpectedly." we didn't planned to visit philippines this september , our next visit is set on april or may next year, but this coming tuesday, we booked our flight back home! :) yes, booked already! i'm really excited!.. soo excited! because i guess i need to accomplish a lot of things. including shopping?? hahaha but hey, those are necessities.. hmmm... important things mostly for elyse.. plus she can get her immunization updated!

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