Monday, September 8, 2008

First day in the daycare

Yesterday morning, i have to wake her up at 8:00am since we have to be at the daycare before 9:00am. It's only 10 minutes away from our place but the preparation will take a lot of my time, so we have to be really early. At the daycare, their breakfast will be served at 9:00am then some exercise, following activities at the park and coloring / writing activities. But maybe the summer is really over, it's getting cold here so going out might not be that fun.

The hardest part was when i left her in the daycare, I said goodbye to her and she embraced me tight. She was playing when i left so she didn't noticed. I really don't want her to see me go so I left quietly. After that, I headed back home to clean-up and got finished before the 12:30 pick-up time. I was at the daycare while they were having lunch and Elyse didn't noticed me. I was asked by the teacher to wait outside the room then she accompanied Elyse, telling her "Look who's here! See, i told you.. your Mommy will come back." Yes, she cried.. about 10-15 minutes and every time she remembers me. But the teacher said that for the first day, she did very good. She also said that we will see if she will cry a lot tomorrow or she'll be better, if the latter, then on Wednesday she will start her whole day stay.

Elyse seems excited to tell me her stories, she said that she played outside in the broom broom / car. She said that she had vegetables and milk, but according to her teacher she didn't took her milk since it's in the cup. When i asked her if she like her school, she said yes! I told her that tomorrow we will come back again but she seems puzzled. Maybe she's thinking that I'll leave her again tomorrow.

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