Friday, September 5, 2008

I miss you!

Yesterday morning when she woke up and still in her bed, she just said "Daddy is in the office." Maybe she just realized that her Daddy already left for office while she was sleeping. So, I said "Yes, Daddy is in the office because?" and she replied "to buy milk for Elyse!". And as her morning routine, she didn't failed to say "Good morning Mommy.., "Good morning Austin.., Good morning Tasha.. " and so on. Around 7:00pm when Daddy arrived from the office and she rushed to him, embraced him tight and surprisingly, she said "I miss you Daddy!". We we're laughing with amusement! Having such a sweet little girl is indeed the most wonderful blessing. To hear those words melts my heart. Kids are truly amazing!

I have mixed emotions about Elyse going to the daycare. Yes, I'm lucky that I got a daycare for her but on the other hand, I can't hide my sadness for this milestone in her life. It's exciting for her but it is also her first step away from me. I'm afraid that she will learn to be independent, gain a lot of friends and discover new things. I can't deny the fact that she's growing up so fast, faster than I can imagine. Maybe I'm being too selfish but I'm just a mother. I will miss her mess, her voice, her tantrums.. everything. Although she continuously testing my patience, most of the time she's making me smile and laugh. She inspires me and makes me realize how wonderful life is.

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Evi said...

it's really hard to let them go the first time. you'll get the hang of it in the long run.