Sunday, September 28, 2008

Officially Fall!

Leaves are starting to fall and their colors are just magnificent. It makes a total difference whilst the amazing maple leaves are changing its colors, it is really breathtaking!
The temperature is also going down, it's colder with a bit of rain showers in the morning or afternoon.
Saturday night, we've had diner with some Filipino friends and neighbors living here in Brossard. It is my first time to have a chit-chat with an Ilonggo and honestly he made me laugh! I don't have anything against Ilonggos huh? I know that Ilonggo's / Ilongga's are sweet and they speak a little differently from us Tagalogs, but the way he talk is really funny. I mean funny in the sense that even he's mad, he still sound sweet! For me, it's really cute! It's only then I realized that I had an Ilongga friend back in college. I just don't know where she is right now, but she is just a darling and a dear friend.
Ohh by the way, I believe that there is a huge difference between us Tagalogs and Ilonggos. For us, even if we are not mad, we sound mad and most people who really doesn't know us might have mis-interpretation about our tone.
Have a great week ahead dear friends and bloggers! Enjoy! :)

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