Monday, January 11, 2010


Recently, I was stricken by massive amount of boredom. I used to be a SAHM, but now that I'm studying and busy with lots of stuffs. I can't imagine myself staying in the house 24/7! Its maybe because my daughter is independent now, unlike before that I should change her nappies every now and then, feed her, play with her. At 3 yrs old, she didn't have much wants, or should I say, she didn't want me to be around her all the time.

And now that I want to do some LO's, my laptop is with my husband on his business trip.. while I'm using his laptop minus the software I'm using for digiscrapping. I'm pretty bored! Hayyy!

I was talking with my Auntie Ninang over fb this morning, and I missed them back home. I hope we can sneak in some time this summer for a much awaited vacation in PI. Elyse was this small when we last visited PI. It was March 2008, for the 70th birthday of my mother. I want her to reunite with her cousins too.

And this was when we attended Ninang Cha's recital at UP Theater. Ninang Cha is now in Memphis for her Master's degree. How time flies..


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