Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas is over..

After a few days of being in lazy mood, plans of keeping the Christmas decors is put on hold.. but today I finally did it! all by myself! As expected, my husband was again...surprised.. "how did you moved the Christmas tree to the basement? Isn't it heavy?" and so on.. When i came home that afternoon from the daycare with my daughter... she had the same sentiments.. she immediately noticed our fireplace without decor.. and she insisted to decorate the fireplace again. I just said that Christmas is over so we have to remove the decorations. She mumbled, "haaay.." with her face looking really sad. I just told her that next year we're going to decorate the house again for Christmas, and she began to smile again.

Christmas was really over.. no decorations.. no Christmas tree.. For me, our house looks spacious again, lots of empty spaces.. Anyway, it will only take a while before another Christmas. Hoping that the spirit of Christmas will always be in our hearts. Enjoy life!

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