Friday, January 15, 2010

Hubby's Birthday surprise!

My hubby just arrived from his business trip and he brought along this as his birthday gift to me! I'm not expecting this since I know he isn't patient enough to look around and find something for me. Also, I heard that the situation in London is pretty odd due to weather conditions. I bet he wasn't able to explore London, and he preferred to stay in the airport for a day waiting for his flight. Well, obviously I'm wrong!

When he arrived from the airport, Elyse and I were at the basement watching American Idol.. He was smiling at me, like he wasn't tired, embraced and kissed me.. "Hi! Honey! I'm home!" and so I got his bag and went directly inside the house. I shut the door and immediately prepared his meal. Not knowing about his surprise, he went back to the door.. and with his shoes off, he went out.. got something from our doorsteps.... He smiled and surprised me with this bag!

Fred: "Happy Birthday Honey, kala mo ha.."
Me: Wow! Thanks hon! I really like it!
Elyse: Mommy, i like your bag!

On the other hand, the little girl was so happy with her new Teddy bear, a pair of new socks and toothbrush. She immediately got her bike and enjoy the ride with her new Teddy. :)


Gorgeous MUM said...

Hello! Good to know you're back to blogging!

Such a lovely birthday present!

abie said...

Hi Yvelle,

Ngayon lang naka visit...Happy Birthday!! Many more to come...

Ang sweet ni Fred...