Tuesday, January 29, 2008


unfinished with the packing..argh! i only have 2 days left to pack our things so we can move to our new apartment. we have lots of stuff or should say elyse?! she already had a big box of toys yet there's still a lot out there. she's into everything right now.. which makes me feel more tired than usual. while i was cooking this morning.. she noticed the sound of my pressure cooker and with her scary voice... she told me "mommy, what's wrong?" pointing to the pressure cooker. ha ha ha ha.. she just made me smile or i mean laugh! i bet she really had a good sleep last night.. she woke up with a big smile on her face even though she's hungry. and she kept on laughing "ha ha ha hi hi hi".. yes, just like in the picture....

credits: kit harmony buttons, mikado frame, ba paper, cbombrias swirl, lorie m label, gunhild storeide alpha and stitches, nathy frame, digiscrap ch border

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