Monday, January 21, 2008

christmas 2007

we had a tight schedule last holiday. from dec 24 until the end of 2007.
instead of our traditional simbang gabi in the philippines, here in morocco, we have a daily house to house novena.
24th of december, we've hosted the novena and at the same time celebrated the noche buena with our filipino friends.
elyse enjoyed opening her gifts alone and bless/ kiss everyone. she would say "bess" to daddy, mommy and elders. even we wanted her to kiss us instead of "bless", i guess she prefer to do both. since the first day we put up our christmas tree, elyse was just pointing and standing beside it.. saying "tree"..with her face in awe! at first she don't want to touch it, but as soon as she learned the fun of counting and "picking" of christmas balls and chocolates hanging there, she is unstoppable.

whenever she saw lighted streets and tree decorated with lights.. she would always say "mommy, christmas?" seems like she is really excited. she would respond to someone greating her merry christmas by saying "merry mas" and "happy nyear" in respond to happy new year. she didn't only celebrated xmas with excitement, she just started to have tantrums that makes me forgot the word patient. but later on, i understand that she had all the reasons.. she's having molars now.. colds and cough.. she wanted to eat or drink milk but she can't because of her teeth. what a pity! so, mommy.... be "MORE" patient!

25th, we've attended MJ's first birthday party. he is the only childhood friend elyse may call here in morocco. it was also the first time elyse wore a costume. does she look like thumbellina or thynkerbelle? really cute! but actually she don't want to wear that dress.. but thank God she
manage to wear it on the party itself! she just forgot about her dress when she saw the balloons..
she was crying before receiving her first ever award.. the best in costume! she cried and shouted
"moveeeeeee"! that only means remove her dress. she just realized that she is not comfortable
anymore. good thing is.. the party is over..

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