Friday, January 25, 2008

So Excited!

the thought of going home makes me feel so excited.. so many things to do in the philippines... yet we have limited time.. but before going home, we will make a stop in singapore and we're planning to visit their famous night safari. i've been to singapore twice and this time will be different because i'll be going there with elyse. for sure she will enjoy the safari because she love animals.. while in manila, i'm planning to enroll elyse at little gym where abie's daughter bela is currently having fun at the same time learning. i already discussed this with hubby and he is also very excited, he said that if it is allowed to have 2 sessions per week then we will choose that option. actually we only have a 2-3week vacation that is why i'm planning to stay longer.. maybe 3-4weeks.. of course i want elyse to enjoy her stay there and get acquianted with her cousins. so, good luck to me.. i'll be her only companion going back because her daddy might go back ahead of us. we are also planning to pass by disneyland hk, but i'm not sure if it will fit in our schedule. let's see.

and here's the lay out i made while elyse was sleeping..

credits: lemonaid lucy frame, petit moineaux paper, kellie salmon paper, dsf retrodiva heart and ribbon, scolbert paper, cbombrias alpha

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