Thursday, January 24, 2008

Elyse Sleeping In Her Bed...

it's been four nights already since elyse started to sleep in her own bed. we've actually didn't planned it, we just thought if she's ready to sleep alone.. and we we're surprised because she is! for the first two nights yes.. but lately she woke up in the middle of the night and call mommy.. stand up on her bed and end up sleeping in our bed 'til morning. anyway, we will see what will happen..

i guess i was the one not ready yet.. we will move to our new apartment on feb 1 and we are preparing her little space inside our room. yes, in our room.. i can't imagine her sleeping alone in her own bedroom.. i still want her to sleep beside me. i will miss her feet on my legs, her head on my tummy, her hand on my face, her head on my feet.. numerous time that i would put her back on her pillow but a minute later, she will be somewhere else again. let's see what will happen tonight..

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