Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm still here...

Yesterday, i had courage to finally start my long delayed plan of decluttering our things from those things we cannot live without.. and of course that would be our clothes. As you know, it's not that easy! i have to segregate the pile of our clothes from "let-it-go" to "love-to-wear".. "let-it-go" must go to the black luggage that we can left behind.. "love-to-wear" will go to the blue luggage that we will definitely wear in Canada including our winter clothes... it seems like we're staying for good huh? hmm... we'll see... ohh and there still one more, our "travel" clothes that should be in our hand carry luggage. I'm not yet done with Elyse's clothes and electronic materials, feeding bottles and sterilizer. Whew!!! I'm just hoping that we will not exceed our baggage limit of 64kg per person / 2 luggages per person except Elyse who is allowed for 10kg only? I'm not sure though, i need to verify this again.

It is also "a must" to keep the house tidy and return the furnitures into it's original places so if ever we decided not to come back, the house owner will not charge us extra for cleaning and fixing. My husband is eager to visit "Ifrane", another city here in Morocco but I'm having second thoughts since we're not yet done with the packing. I want to finish everything so we can enjoy our holiday.

So there you go, that is the main reason why I'm not visible in the blogoshere for the past couple of days and i believe it will continue until we're finally settled in our place. I'll just hop around if i have enough time. Thanks again for visiting and see you around! Have a wonderful week everyone! :)

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