Friday, May 16, 2008

Staying for good!

Hi! guys!!! how's everybody? I hope you all are doing great! Thanks for your comments and tags!!! I still have lots of homeworks to do! :) Anyway, we had a wonderful vacation in Paris and Rome, with some showers in Rome, we still managed to visit the Vatican and Fontana de Trevi. I will post some photos soon, for now here's one, I'm just connecting to a free wifi so i really don't know how long it will work out. ;)

Another good news, the day after we arrived here my husband had his first interview and guess what? he got the job!!!! It was unexpected, we didn't even have SSN number yet.. isn't that great? :D He was first interviewed by HR then the Director and Vice President, after an hour or two, he got the job offer signed right away. That was such a lucky day! :)

So my husband finally decided to stay here for good.. we're now scouting for the best place to stay here in Quebec, currently we're staying in Brossard with relatives and we really love the place.
This is just an update and will post more once we're settled here. Thanks for visiting my site and have a wonderful weekend!


theworkingmom said...

Yvelle, congratulations on your husband's job and on your new life!


abie said...

hi sis,

sarap naman...kelan kaya kami makarating dyan...

uy nasa quebec na ba kayo? Congrats kay Fred. ang galing galing naman.

btw, i have a tag for you:

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your hubby yvelle and good luck to your new adventure in another foreign land!

Keep in touch!Take care.

Kerslyn said...

That was great news sis! Twas a really quick offer. Congratulations!!!!

Kitts said...

hi yvelle :)

i've been digging the archives hehe trying to catch up ;) ang laki na nga ni elyse, alam mo she's more like a little lady na :) kakatuwa..

have a nice weekend!! :)