Friday, April 11, 2008

Holy Week in the Philippines

I'm too lazy today so I will not post a detailed kwento / story of our Holy Week in the Philippines. :)
Holy Monday: We watched the recital of my sister-in-law at UP Diliman. It was great! Maybe, Elyse thought that it was her concert because she kept on singing along with the orchestra. By the way, we had the following pictures taken across the engineering building. Quite lovely!
Holy Tuesday: We reserved this day for our bank transactions.... with Elyse running around and still forgot to applied for an EON account. Hayyyy....

Holy Wednesday: We went to the mall and bought some things for Elyse and finally watched a tagalog movie, "My Big Love" of course with Elyse! It was her first movie! ha ha ha. I know.. we should not be watching movies on Holy Wednesday. We wanted to watch Horton but wasn't yet shown that time. We are very proud of little Elyse, looks like she's only watching a tv or one of her favorite cd's.

Maundy Thursday: Back to Batangas and organize my mother's birthday party. It is also our family tradition to do the Visita Iglesia, unfortunately we we're trapped in the traffic so we moved it the following day. The usual 2-3 hour drive from Manila to my place became 6 hours.

Good Friday: We visited different churches in my place including the Taal Basilica, an old nice church with a stunning view. We also visited our relatives and loved ones who already passed away.Black Saturday: My mother's birthday celebration which also became a family reunion. We went to the beach in the afternoon and stayed there until morning of Easter Sunday. We had a bad experience staying at A. Santos beach resort. It was a nightmare!
Easter Sunday: Elyse had fun swimming at her mini pool while we enjoyed taking the pictures.

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