Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Move on!

As day goes by, my husband is getting convinced to stay permanently in Canada than to pursue his career here in Casablanca. At this time, I'm still puzzled because I'm not really sure what will happen in the coming days.

All I know is three weeks from now, we will live in a new place again, meet different kinds of people with own beliefs and culture. It is definitely a whole new world for us, but we know that it is the best for our daughter. Some would raise their eyebrows and say, let's see! or some would say that my daughter will grow up without values compared to those children brought up in the Philippines. As for me, we'll never know... we don't have to be judgmental just because we heard the same stories before. As a mother, I will do something to raise my daughter the way I want. I know it will not be easy. I also heard a lot of horrible stories about immigrating or living abroad but I never had that fear to try. Maybe because I'm an optimistic person and I'm up to challenges.

It's been 7 months since we got our visa and I guess it's enough, we have to move on and start a new life to our new home.

monika69 alpha, kskd staple and journal, cinnamon designs cardboard paper, sgrimwood flower and frame, cmentz swirl and b

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zunnur said...

Hi Yvelle,
I'm sure that you will be able to raise your child the way you wanted, its all about putting some effort. Wish you luck for your new life in Canada.
Hope everything will go smooth and fine.