Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We're Home!

Our Casablanca - Manila flight was just fine. We we're seated beside another family with 2 daughters, one is around 4 years old while the other is around 2 or the same age with Elyse. Thank God Elyse didn't gave us a headache during our travel, unfortunately that baby seated beside us. She was crying all throughout the flight. I understand that she is uneasy or uncomfortable "maybe" with her dress. In my opinion she might be overdressed, the fact that most babies often felt warmer than adults to which "maybe" her mom didn't realized. Anyway, we did our best to pacify the little baby, we offered her food that made her stop crying for a while.

So glad and relieved when we have landed at Dubai airport, we tried to check some stuffs as "pasalubong" or gifts to our loved ones. And of course our shopping will not be complete without "Galaxy chocolates with almond, macademia and hazel nuts", we always bought those found in plastic container. We we're lovers of their choco-caramel candies too. We never had time to pass by Emirates lounge since we only had 4 hours stop over.

On the other hand, our Dubai - Manila flight was better, we had time to sleep and rest but still made me felt a little dizzy. A jet log from my previous flight, I guess so. Because most flights of Emirates from Middle Eastern and European countries we're stopping Dubai, it is expected that the flight would be full.

While in Manila, my in-laws picked us up from the airport at around 4:00 p.m. We immediately went to Jollibee in C5 for a quick "lunch" since we don't like the food served by Emirates (exception to their flights from Manila), from Dubai to Manila. I enjoyed my spaghetti and chicken, while Elyse had cream of chicken soup. She loved it! On our way to Cainta, where my husband's place is.. we noticed the heavy traffic in C5 due to flyover construction but then of course we've got to realize that we're finally home!

credits: marys scrapgalerie elements

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