Saturday, April 19, 2008

No for haircut!

This was Elyse's first haircut from a professional hairdresser. Since birth I was her only hairdresser, so now you know why her hair was in total mess! We went to "cuts for tots" in Robinsons Galeria. When she first saw the car and toys inside, she was amazed and excited. But when the hairdresser started to spray some water on her hair, it's another story. I will just post the story board here later. For now, here's a snapshot and my latest lay-out. I'm bored and not inspired to do a lay-out.. so I'm not that happy with this lo, the same with the little girl on the picture.
Happy and safe weekend everyone! :)

kb frame, mco paper, nathy bling, akiloune border doodle, lisbonlioness alpha, misty cato number bits, scrapdoll journal paper


Tere said...

My 15 mos old baby had his first haircut recently and my we got all the attention coz he was crying so loud when the barber sprayed powder all over face and body. Even the candies wouldn't calm him down.

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Naku, your daughter seemed so terrified by the experience! Di bale, I'm sure when she grows a little bit older she will realize how expensive it is to get a haircut. Hopefully, by that time, she will start appreciating/ cherishing the experience more.

My daughter is turning 2 in June. We have not brought her yet to get a haircut. I dread the day!