Friday, August 24, 2007

my greatest joy!

a child is a joy to every family.. yes! that is right.. even if i have a gloomy day.. watching elyse play and speak to me like a grown up make me feel so blessed.. so happy..
yesterday, she is just walking around the house.. as she usually do since she learned how to walk independently. i was in our room working on something in my computer, whilst elyse was walking to and from the room and sala at the same time watching elmo /sesame street. "mo" as she calls it.. currently her favorite! she is now ignoring her "used-to-be-favorite" barney.
through the music, i can tell that the cd she's watching is about to finish.. i'm waiting for her reaction.. will she cry or call mimi? surprisingly, i heard her steps approaching our room.. before that, i think she was looking at me in the kitchen and the other room.. when she were in the hallway of our room, with her "paawa" face.. she said, "na na!" meaning finish na.. and when i stood up she led the way to the sala and kept murmuring "mo"! i was amazed how she grew up soo fast. in a span of months.. she's doing and saying a lot of things already! actually she's immitating every word we're saying..
last tuesday, we had lunch at milasia.. asian restaurant here ni casa, with our good friend jolly. i took some pictures which i'll post here later. i like their wall, coz some pics turned out like a studio shot! :D
i made another lo with my favorite shot.
credits: Manuela Zimmermann paper, Hillbilly for half circle board paper also recolored, gina maria antique photo frame, natali stitching,srappy cat rubber band, ilona havenaar flower,cafe digi journal paper

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