Tuesday, August 7, 2007

almost ready!

we are trying our luck to secure a schengen visa and hopefully tour around europe this august. morocco will have a long holiday this august, one of the reasons why we want to spend some time out of the country. our interview with german embassy will be this coming thursday! actually, i don't feel anything right now, i'm not nervous nor excited.. an exemption to our interview with canadian embassy last year, from the day i heard about the interview my heart is restless! really! i'm just so nervous..

by the way, last weekend.. we had a "pictorial" at hassan II mosque here in casablanca, the place is just 10-15 mins away from our house. with our now, health concious friend lino, who used to walk from his place to our place.. around 30 mins - 45 mins away? for the sake of loosing weight and health! well, good for him.. how i wish i have the same determination.. hehe
we are on "pambahay get-up" and it was early as 8am and got home at 12noon.
elyse enjoyed walking and meeting new "friends", which she fondly called "baby". we immediately planned to bring her every weekend there so she can enjoy and master her walking skills.

i'll be posting our pics here later. ;)

here are some of our pics...

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