Sunday, August 26, 2007

another weekend has gone

saturday, we went to the seaside and had our breakfast at feri's gourmet.. after that, we went back home and took a shower before going to mcdonald's for lunch. yep, break from "lutong bahay"... hehe.. elyse and i are staying inside our house from monday to friday that is why we're trying to be out in the sun during weekends! we ordered big tasty burger, fries and chicken mcnuggets.. yummy! ;) we didn't forgot to drop by at our favorite boutique "zara" to check out what's new and on sale! we also had our weekend grocery at acima. as usual, elyse wanted to "ok"! if she wants to walk she will either say "ok" or "eeshhh" for shoes!
today, we stayed at home but late this afternoon we had our dinner at tex mex with jolly. we ordered our favorite crispy chicken wings, fries and sandwich.
we also bought some stuffs which we forgot to buy yesterday.
lindsay jane for the ribbon and button, cturnbull flower, zazou tag, su-folded paper, ecke and kreuz

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