Saturday, August 11, 2007

i'm learning!

internet is very helpful especially for a sahm like me. i'm learning a lot thru reading.. i still want to learn more if time permits. but to learn small things or mababaw things that for me is surely enjoyable. i remembered that , "those simple things can truly make us happy". being contented for what we are and what we have is the secret of long lasting happiness.

simplicity and innocence of a child is one example. sometimes, i would want to be child again..knowing they had those characteristics. here's what i got. i just want to share my little girl's pencil portrait.. so simple and innocent..

i also made this lo last night. i got inspired to do something different from the usual things im doing. i don't know if i made it really "different".. sometimes it's difficult to get away from what we are used to. right?

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