Friday, August 31, 2007

fifteenth month!

it's friday once again! we celebrate every friday because it only means we will be sticking together for two days.. ;) lately, i observed that elyse is getting closer to her dad.. everytime our phone or doorbell rings (even if it is just a similar sound!) she will consistently say "dadi!", if you can just see the glow in her eyes... she is really happier when her dadi is around. she can already pronounce "dadi" correctly, unlike before she is calling fred "dandi or didi".
one more thing.. she is always calling her dad's attention. whenever fred is on his computer, she will go to the side of the bed and make "papansin", of course fred will look at her coz we're afraid she will "toink toink" (fall!). as soon as she succeeded by calling her dad's attention.. she will laugh ala "elmo" (ha_ha-ha!). yeah, she's immitating elmos laugh. she's super "kulit" but most of the time, funny! maybe she got his dad's sense of humor?!.
elyse is also very experimental nowadays, sooo eager to know everything.. soo anxious to discover and try out something. she's also exploring every corner of our house.. as if she is an inspector or something like that. so, don't be surprised to see our chairs in different areas of the house, it only means i'm avoiding elyse to roam around that area. i'm just calling it "danger zone".

credits: ad_country birdhouse paper, vlim for the cardboard cluster, designer alfenner for the frame, tara dunstan for the alpha

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