Wednesday, August 8, 2007

menu for the day

it is my first try to cook menudo / pork stew, instead of pork i used beef, i guess this is a rare case! a beef menudo? nah!.. well, according to my husband it tasted good. for me not good enough. in addition to that, i was in a hurry to prepare the dish.. my baby cute is not cooperating and saying "no no" for napping. she want me beside her, calling "mimi" all the time and while cooking.. "kiking" as she pronounced it.. she is riding on her vroom and watching me. seems like i have my manager watching over my shoulder.. always looking and calling my attention. not just that.. she constantly asked "mamam" / water! my patience was tested once again.. or i should say? every now and then.. hayyy.. kids!

how can i still have time for blogging? where is elyse? at last...she's napping! before that, she refused to drink her milk and play instead. she loved to watch her favorite barney all over again and again and again.. and wait till the "tize" part, the baby saying "it's just the right size!".. she knows all the barney songs and sing along with them while watching..

ohh i told her i will put a clip on her hair.. she immediately responded " no no!".. i don't know why she really don't want anybody or anything touch her hair.

here's an lo i made last night..

credits: miss vivi for papers and elements, littlekeid for the frame, tape label for pillowgirl, seebee for the journal

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