Thursday, August 16, 2007

at last....

i feel good today, though tired.. but i still have time to blog! it's 11:30 am already but i finished cooking our meal for this lunch. nilagang beef.. plus, i already washed our dirty clothes and hanged them outside, done with cleaning the house and put elyse to nap. she's very cooperative today.. (bravo!) this morning, she didn't bothered me while i was in front of the computer.. with her shoes on, she took everything out from our drawer.. yes, it's quite a mess.. but at least she's learning to play on her own. after playing, she asked for "mamam".. i let her choose which mamam she wants.. is it the milk or water? she responded.. "this".. pointing at the bottle of her milk. with strawberry shortcake music as our background, she fell asleep! yuhoooooooo...
the reason why i also finished my pending household chores this early.

credit: carrie bombria for the frame

ohh by the way, last night i finished this lo. here it is..

have a great day!

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