Thursday, August 23, 2007

it's been a while

i have been spending time with my family these past few days. it's holiday here in morocco last monday and tuesday.. nothing much about that.. we don't want to remember that part of our life! haha

anyway, i didn't forgot to made lo's.. of course all of them was pictures of elyse. i found a website about photoshop actions and it was sooo cool!

well well.. in our life, we want to enjoy life, right? who wouldn't want to be happy? but some people just want to pull you down? ain't want a peaceful life?

it is just me.. when i have a problem.. i will not let that problem affect me. weird? some people are not.. it merely shows that every person has different personalities.
in spite of that.. we should learn to accept people's differences. i guess that's more important.

credits: fernlili for stringholder, SVDesigns for the label, Mel Johnson for the paper, scrapkut for staple, valgouveia kitgrazi for the tag, lilaspot for the splatter

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