Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another one coming up!

We're finally home! Last Saturday was a long day! The furnitures were delivered but was only halfway done assembling everything around 7pm so, we decided to took a rest and extended our stay at Auntie's place until Sunday. We started our day by hearing mass at St. Patrick's and picked up some goodies at Kim Hour, a Chinese store along Van Horne. We bought our Thai rice there along with other Filipino products like bangus belly, longganisa, tocino, monggo, purefoods corned beef, chippy, ding dong, hopia and pancit canton. While waiting for Tito Edwin and kids, we sat at the bench in front of "Bahay Kubo" resto and tasted their yummy version of "karioka" and "taro pearl shake". It really feels home, right? Van Horne and Cote des Neiges are the places here in Montreal where most Pinoys are residing.
Even my husband is a bit hesitant, that night we've decided to finally move in to our apartment to check if everything is working. Good for me so, I can start my Monday morning fixing everything.
Well now, I'm done and even our internet and cable tv is working. We've just finished watching the NBA finals. It really feels good!

By the way, it is my husband's birthday this Saturday! This Friday, we have a dinner date with our close friends and relatives while on Sunday, we will have a whole day tour in Quebec city. I'm still thinking what to do on Saturday, is it a brunch out at Tutti Frutti? or Casey's? Let's see!
That's it for now, have a nice day everyone. Thanks for reading and happy blogging! :)


abie said...

hi sis,

I have a tag for you


~Mommyallehs~ said...


Blog hopping here.

Happy Birthday to ur hubby.

Liza said...

congrats on your new move. hope all is settled para ma-enjoy nyo na your new home. ingats!