Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daycare hunting is still on!

As mentioned in my previous blog post, we've visited the daycare center in Boulevard Grand Allee yesterday. I wasn't expecting that it was a home daycare since it was affiliated to Au pied de lechelle. Anyway, the owner is nice but I don't really want to enroll my daughter in a home daycare. If that's the case, then, it's better for her to stay in the house with me. And while waiting for a slot in the CPE, I've done this weekly plan for my little girl. I want her to be occupied and learn to socialize with other kids. Although, I'm not seeing any problem with her behavior when playing with other kids, but I just think that it will be better for her. Actually, she's really a nice playmate and "easy" toddler, as long as I'm around her. Yes, she's so attached to me, the major reason why I wanted to put her in the daycare. By the way, here are some of her latest pictures while playing with Ate Misha. I thought my daycare hunting is finally over! Well, I guess it just started. Anyway we're not in a hurry, I'm just hoping to get the best for Elyse.

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so cute!;)