Monday, June 2, 2008

Ready to move!

We're 'finally' moving this weekend! Our furnitures will be delivered in the apartment this Saturday, so I should clean everything on Thursday and Friday. We also got the keys of the apartment after signing the 1 year contract of lease. We almost have everything we need except for knives, chopping board, pillows, blinds for the rooms and curtains for the living room. I will check Wall-mart this afternoon and hopefully get what i need.

Last night i noticed that my laptop cannot detect my external hard disk! even if i changed the cable! hu hu hu.. all our latest pictures are saved there, including our Europe and Montreal tour! :( Most of all.. my digicraps are also there!! :( Hoping we can still recover the pictures!

Another story, we are planning to watch the F1 race here in Montreal this June but the weather is not cooperating. If it's not cloudy, it's raining! One friend told us we better postpone our plan and instead prepare for the event next year, I even asked 'why'? Because next year is the 30th year of F1 race so it's gonna be a 'HUGE' celebration. And I guess it's not really possible since our moving date is the same as the schedule of the race! :(

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Anonymous said...

medyo na-sad naman ako sa nangyari sa files mo.hope ok na..

good luck as you are ready to move!;0)