Thursday, June 5, 2008

What to do in Paris?

I'm wanting to write this for quite sometime now but I didn't have enough time. I guess i need to start writing and save it as draft before i forget everything. Here it is:

On our first day, we've visited the Arc de Triomphe along Champs-Elysees avenue. It was of course stunning especially at night, the avenue was the home for shops of well-known designer like Louis Vuitton. It was Sunday when we arrived so it's expected that most shops are closed, I've only seen and remembered Sephora as one of the shops open for business that day.

That same day, we immediately visited the Eiffel tower, a breathtaking piece of art. It was already 9pm but the sun is still up so we looked around Eiffel, tried the ice cream sold at the booth along the way and had diner at Fukoshima, a Japanese resto nearby Eiffel. We ordered beef with cheese and chicken yakitori, miso soup, california maki and rice. The food was delicious! Everything was really good! And the price is very affordable, you can enjoy their set meals from 10 euros.

The second day was reserved for our Disneyland tour, we really enjoyed this part! Elyse was overwhelmed seeing Mickey, Minnie, Sylvester and Pooh! The lively music of the parade lighted up her face and made her dance with her hands swaying in the air just like those mascots. We had our lunch at one of the restos inside the Disney park, with grilled burger, roasted chicken and fries that tasted really good. Sorry but I forgot the name of the resto, now i need to go through our pictures and check it again. The afternoon was more fun when we visited Snow white and the seven dwarfs in their castle. By the train, we got inside the castle! It was really dark inside with bad witch, dragon, snow white and the dwarfs telling stories. It was like a nightmare! I even shut my eyes when bad witch was there! Elyse didn't cried but she is now afraid of "bad witch" and "dragon".

The afternoon parade made the queue for "It's a small world" shorter, so we grabbed the chance while Elyse enjoyed the boat ride and the show a lot. She kept on humming the song right after the show and asked me to sing "It's a small world" while she acted playing the violin. We did stop at the souvenir shop and Elyse didn't wanted to leave without Mickey/Minnie hugable in her hand. We also got a Disney shirt and hat for her. We also wanted to try the carousel ride but we're not patient to wait for an hour so, we just visited the Adventure Island instead and tried the Ice cream along Disneyland park. We bumped with Stitch, Goofy and Pluto along the way so Elyse and daddy had pictures with them.

Around 5pm when we decided to leave the park and headed directly to Fukoshima again, for the second time. After the sumptuous dinner, we're just on time to view the magnificent Eiffel tower at night, so we left to Trocadero for another picture perfect view of Eiffel.

to be continued.. :)

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