Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What i love most about being a mom?

I treasure everything I have in life most especially my daughter. This space couldn't be enough putting all in details but with this tag i need to mention some things i love most about being a mom:

My day starts with her smile. Greeting me "good morning mommy.." will make me smile some more.

Watching her grow makes me feel older but happier especially if she's learning to discover things by herself.

Her praying habit makes me feel more proud. Hoping that she'll grow up with fear and faith in Him.

My day is not complete without her giggles and laughter. She makes me laugh when she's dancing or singing along with her daddy.

Her thoughtfulness and sweetness makes me feel so blessed.

Thank you fellow mommies, Abie, MommyAllehs and Eds for this tag. :)


Eds said...

Thanks for doing the tag sis! :)nice LO btw! :)

Anonymous said...

great! a pretty mom with a cute little girl...

keep it up!