Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pool party on Daddy's Birthday

I'm sorry guys for not being around for quite sometime, I'm so busy with lots of things. I missed blogging! Anyway, for my regular visitors thanks again. To all fathers out there, belated happy fathers day. Thanks for the tags and I will try to do it soon.

We had a pool party last Saturday and it was fun! Elyse enjoyed playing in water using her balls and toys while the birthday celebrant enjoyed the food and swimming even the water is a bit cold at 25 degrees. Uncle Edwin, Auntie Vivian, Ate Mariz and Suzette prepared "sinigang na hipon", chicken barbeque, ginataang halo-halo, fruit salad and even bought donuts and cake. On the other hand I prepared their favorite "caldereta" and brought ice cream for dessert. It was another "full" day! :) Happy birthday again honey! Good health and more birthdays to come. Cheers!