Tuesday, July 22, 2008

At home with Ikea

Last Monday, we visited the Brault & Martineau showroom nearby our place and finally decided to get a new bed for Elyse's room. We wanted a queen size bed instead of a baby bed for her. Although she is not yet sleeping there alone and always want to be beside me, we want her to conquer her fear and hoping that soon she will become an independent sleeper. So now we are reserving the room for our friends and relatives who want to sleep over. To make the story short, we ordered the bed frame, cover and mattress. They promised to deliver the items last Friday but sadly, I was waiting all day but no delivery was made. Around 3pm when I called their office and asked them what was wrong with the delivery. They said that the bed frame will not be available until August. So my husband who was pissed off by their service visited their store that same day and canceled our orders.
It was after the Little gym class of Elyse last Saturday, when we decided to visit Ikea. We had our lunch at the food court inside Ikea and ordered roasted chicken and french fries with cheese and mushroom sauce topping. I really love it, it's mouth watering! Their roasted chicken is similar to those of St. Hubert's.
We got this Malm black-brown bed frame and Sultan mattress, and was delivered to our place the next day. Elyse didn't left the store empty-handed, she got the Klappar Igelkott pull-along toy while I also got a Korall fisk storage basket for her toys.
Going to Ikea is my relaxation and getting all the stuffs we need
is more fun and exciting. See you around!

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Anonymous said...

love love love IKEA. grabe, i wish i could live there. or i wish i could buy everything i fancied. ahhahaha!