Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I feel better!

I'm feeling so much better now. My appointment with CLSC was this afternoon and my ear treatment took only 15 minutes. I'm relieved when the nurse told me that I don't need to come back for another treatment. My hearing is back to normal or should i say it's even better.

Last Sunday, we had a very memorable day with our friends at Granby Zoo. It is such a great place to visit with family and friends. It's not just a zoo but has other attractions like the water park, they have lazy river, water games, children's pool which my daughter enjoyed a lot and their wave pool is said to be the largest in Quebec. Even if you're in the zoo, you can still enjoy the roller coaster ride, monorail, merry-go-round, bump cars and train at the rides park. For younger visitors, they can play at the ball in the jungle camp. Here are some pictures of Elyse while enjoying the water:

This Saturday our friend and his family from Toronto will visit us, so i have to prepare our itinerary for the weekend. It will be another busy weekend but I'm sure we will have fun. Happy Wednesday to all.

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