Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting better

We just arrived from CLSC and was given instructions to put some olive oil in my ears, twice a day for 7 days and was asked to come back on Tuesday for another ear treatment. Everything seems fine, the doctor said that they will clean my ears and then we will see if my hearing will improve or not.
After the check-up, we headed directly to the Chinese store in Terminus Panama and brought home some Filipino made goods. Our week wouldn't be complete without Baguio's tocino and longganisa (we prefer those made in Baguio than in Pampanga) and Pangasinan's bangus (milk fish).
Lately the weather is nice, it's windy but sunny. The cold breeze of the air makes me feel relaxed even for long walks. I'll probably do some walking again with my daughter and husband later. Have a good day to all!

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