Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet my telephone operator

I can conveniently wash our dishes or do other household chores without getting bothered who will answer the phone. My little girl is my phone operator, every time the phone rings she will stop whatever she's doing, ran to get the phone, press the talk button and say "hellooo!." Most of the time it's her daddy on the other line, so she will talk to her daddy like a grown up and respond to every question asked to her. When i tried to asked her who was on the other line, she said "It's daddy!." And then she started telling her daddy what's she's doing like making a castle, color color or watching tv. How time flies! For me, she's still a little girl, but every time she talked to me, do some new tricks, making me laugh, telling stories.. I can't accept the fact that she's growing up so fast! Ohh well...
Just a white background for cleaner and simple design. Now, i want to share this lo i made a while ago. Happy weekend to all! Enjoy!
credits: dcorbitt flower, red, blue and sequins ribbon, claudi ribbons (recolored), fa tag and sheet, lleila stamp, jasmin olya stitch

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Mummy Sheng said...

kaiden used to be like that! he answers anything that rings, even mobile phones, or the door. but he is so lazy now! like if i am busy with something and the phone rings, he just ignores it!

oh well, kids!