Friday, July 18, 2008

Health issues

I'm suffering from different health problems right now. Two weeks ago, i accidentally slipped in our bath tub and my ribs was fractured. Until now, i can still feel the pain.. I cannot bend down when i want to reach something or i cannot breath deeper because it really hurts. It is more painful when I'm lying in bed, i cannot sleep on my side because the pain is more intense.

A week ago, my left ear started not to hear clearly and i felt that there was something inside blocking my ear canal. Now, it's still there. I've tried to push my ear lobes inside to remove whatever pressure present inside, it will feel better for a while but after a few seconds it's back to the state of hearing some air pressure again or simply, i cannot hear clearly.

Thru searching the net, I'm becoming paranoid because some symptoms are similar to those life threatening diseases. I'm afraid to consult a doctor but I hope and pray everything is okay, I hope that this are just mild health problems and I have nothing to worry about. I want to feel better and finally decided to see a doctor on Monday. Wish me luck!


Mummy Sheng said...

oh my . . . hope you'll feel better soon! hoping your ear thing is not that serious.

take care dear!

Thess said...

hi Yvelle,

naku sana magpa check up ka..pareho tayo, madaming health issues and fear din sa doctor ang prob ko...but few days ago I went to the doc kasi I rather know than not.

please see your doc?


yvelle said...

thanks for your wonderful comments. i really appreciate your concerns. salamat ulit! :)

Mayet said...

hi! I hope that you will feel better soon!