Thursday, July 17, 2008

MMR, Meningitis and more

This afternoon at around 3pm, Elyse had appointment at CLSC (centre local de services communautaires / local community service center) for her immunization. CLSC's are free clinics runned and maintained by the provincial government.

She got vaccinated twice today, her 1st shot of Meningitis and her 3rd of MMR. For her MMR, she was advised to repeat the 1st shot since it was given before her 1st birthday. According to the nurse, the MMR vaccine will not be effective if given before the 1st birthday. I'm a bit alarmed here since I'm not so sure if it's safe to have the MMR shot for 3 times? The nurse said, it's better to have 1 more, than 1 less in immunization. I searched thru the net and they said no one will get overdosed by MMR, so I guess the nurse knows what she's doing, right? :)
The best part of living here is that we can enjoy the free medical benefits which includes immunization! Soon we will receive our health card but I'm surprised that they didn't ask me to pay for her immunization. I really thought I have to pay first and reimburse later since we didn't have a health card yet.

About Elyse, she cried a bit on the 2nd shot which I guess is the MMR. After a minute she was running around the lobby again and playing with other kids while singing. We we're advised by the nurse to wait for another 15 minutes before we left so we can check if Elyse had reaction to the vaccine. Thank God, she seems fine and looked like nothing happened.

We passed by Zellers and saw some items on sale so before going home, Elyse got another ball again.. this time, with strawberry shortcake character. Hay.. the first who got her attention was thomas the train, then lightning mcqueen, then the backyardigans leap pad, dora's toy organizer and lastly the ball again! I just remember that we have a leap pad at home so now I will check the model if we can get those backyardigans filler. I also got throw pillows in light brown at 2 for $9.97, what a great deal! Hope you all have a great day! :)

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