Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another weekend with my little girl

It's Saturday once again! I have been busy all day with the household chores and at the same time changing my header, the colors and some details here, notice the changes? I feel more comfortable with the overall look of my site now, I think it's refreshing than the previous one. Actually, I want to do more.. I want to change the template but i can't find a better one. Well, choices are limited here and it will really take time to change everything. For now, i leave it that way.

Lately, my little girl is being more "madaldal" and hyperactive than usual. She just can't keep quiet or stay in one place. Whatever she's doing, it is always accompanied by singing, hopping or running. Sometimes even on her sleep she's talking! It's her habit to open the fridge and ask herself "what i want?", then ask herself to choose, "apple? orange?" she will think for a while and answer her question too, "orange, yes!". Right after getting what she want, she will automatically say "thank you, mommy! thanks!" She definitely knows how to make me smile and give-in to her never-ending please!

Happy weekend! :)

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